What is succes ?

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What is succes ? is it wealth ? fame or power ?. We keep for thinking of success as something that amazing. Something that must have special talent to attain that. Success is about reach for something and getting something.
            The begins of success is a clear goal, and attain that goal. The requires have strong ambition, the ambition is energy that drive us to hard work and to look for opportunities for their advance. Some people have clear goal, but the lack of ambition to make their dream become true.
            Other people have great goal, but not clear goal to work the real purpose. They begin one plan after another, but never think that goal become true or just dream, for example all children begin the life with great goal, and have strong conviction become that they want. And not thinking about the real work and the purpose of the goal.
            The parents will give information a lack of ombition that  common in teenagers, they able to minimize it and provide a positive learning experiences when the teenager was small. For example the parent can encourage their children to take a challenge. One of the strongest influence for a person’s goal is family.
            And finally to reach the success we must big ambition to get great goal, and have something special talent to attain it. The parent is the strongest influence for a person’s goal.
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